Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bones arms.

 Because the jokes on this show are always so humerus. ;)

Bones and Booth argue
Bones and Booth kiss
Someone references Bones and Booth's relationship
          .....10 push ups

Bones references a cultural tradition
You see Booth's cocky belt buckle
          .....20 bicep curls

Someone mocks, chastises or praises the intern
The intern explains his/her findings
          .....15 lateral raises

Angie reconstructs the victim's face or "hacks" something
          .....15 shoulder presses

Hodgins collects bug/soil samples
Hodgins explains his bug/soil sample results
King of the Lab!
          .....10 triceps pushups

A body is found
Suspect is interrogated
Witness or victim is interviewed
          .....30 second plank

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