Thursday, November 5, 2015

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries arms, legs, abs.

Do just one body part or all three if you're ambitious.

Phryne drives her car 
Someone is undercover
          .....30 second plank
          .....15 backward leg lifts each side
          .....20 bicycles  

Phryne draws a weapon or gets into a fight
          .....15 tricep pushups
          .....20 sumo squats
          .....20 oblique/side crunches each side

Phryne steals evidence from a crime scene 
Hugh is on the phone or taking notes
          .....10 push ups
          .....20 jumping jacks
          .....10 straight leg lifts

Burt and Ces 
Scene takes place at the precinct
          .....15 lateral arm raises
          .....15 forward leg lifts each side
          .....10 reverse crunches

Dead body is seen 
Jack and Phryne engage in flirtatious banter (or look at each other longingly)
          .....20 bicep curls
          .....30 calf raises
          .....20 crunches

Eating, drinking, or scene takes place in the kitchen
          .....15 shoulder presses
          .....30 second wall sit
          .....20 Russian twists

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  1. Hi there!
    Love these workouts - esp. as I get to watch my fave TV shows at the same time.
    I'm beginning a Vlog etc around fitness call Scared Fitless & I'd love to feature some of these workouts.
    I'll add links & mentions etc.
    Can you let me know if you're all good with that?
    Many thanks