Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Blacklist arms, legs, abs.

Do just one body part, or all three if you're ambitious. 

Fedora (once per scene)
Sexual innuendo
          .....15 tricep pushups
          .....20 sumo squats
          .....20 oblique/side crunches each side

Reddington tic: eye twitch, or jaw roll/stretch/movement without speaking
          .....30 second plank
          .....15 backward leg lifts each side
          .....20 bicycles

Scene takes place in/on a car, truck, plane, or boat
          .....10 push ups
          .....20 jumping jacks
          .....10 straight leg lifts

Someone is tied up, restrained, detained, or otherwise held against their will
          .....15 lateral arm raises
          .....15 forward leg lifts each side
          .....10 reverse crunches

Fighting, chase scene, gun, or other weapon is drawn
          .....20 bicep curls
          .....30 calf raises
          .....20 crunches

Scene takes place in the Post Office black site, or at Reddington or Elizabeth Keen’s current residence
          .....15 shoulder presses
          .....30 second wall sit
          .....20 Russian twists

BONUS: ...and if Dembe speaks during the episode, do one set of EVERYTHING.

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