Saturday, May 25, 2013

Star Trek TOS and TNG abs, arms, legs.

Because there are so many of these series and episodes... And let's face it, they're like pistachios, and you can't stop after just one... So this is a little of everything. Understandably, if two things happen at once, just pick one. If you're looking for an easier time, or just want to concentrate on one body part, do that. (I say this is for TOS and TNG because I've watched them in their entirety, but have not seen ENT, DS9, or VOY and don't know how relevant the triggers below are for them.)

Also, if you're a fan of crafting as well, check out my Star Trek mini top hat!


The ship is hit and everyone on the bridge is thrown to the side
          .....10 push ups

Someone says "Starfleet", "you have the conn", "you're with me",
"nacelles", "subspace", or "prime directive"
          .....20 bicep curls

There is a non-corporeal life form (gas, energy, thought-being)
Reaction to invisible pain force/mind control/mental torture
          .....15 lateral raises

Someone draws their phaser or fires
Someone mentions a "containment field" or the "main deflector array"
          .....15 shoulder presses

Characters are beamed to another ship, station, or down to a planet
Use of the holodeck is seen or mentioned
          .....15 tricep pushups

Mention of 20th century Earth
Someone is restrained
          .....30 second plank


Someone touches their comm badge
           ......15 forward leg lifts each side

 Captain's log
           .....15 backward leg lifts each side

Sexy time, kissing, etc.
           .....3x10 second wall sits

Shields dropping or increasing to a certain percentage
           .....30 calf raises

           .....20 sumo squats

Engineering is evacuated
Someone dies
           .....20 jumping jacks


Someone takes something in their quarters or ready room
Dress uniform
          .....30 crunches

Someone does something "on all frequencies"
Someone questions an order or disobeys one
          .....20 bicycles

Someone gives a repair time estimate
Someone asks for more time
          .....10 leg lifts

Crew member grumbles about having to abide by local customs
          .....10 reverse crunches

Missing research team
They mention the exact numbers of crew members on a ship or station
          .....30 second side plank each side

Someone takes over a panel/station for an exiting crew member
Someone is relieved of duty
          .....20 oblique/side crunches each side

Scene takes place in Sick Bay
The crew suffer the same illness/problem as the people they are trying to help
          .....20 Russian twists

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