Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Warehouse 13 abs.

Because to be a good Warehouse agent, you need to trust your gut. And give it a good work out.

Jinks says someone is lying
Something gets goo'ed
You see Mrs. Frederic
          .....30 crunches

Pete eats or flirts with a woman
A suspect or witness is interviewed
          .....20 bicycles

Claudia uses a computer or fixes something or builds something
          .....10 leg lifts

Artie puts something into or takes something out of his bag
          .....10 reverse crunches

The regents are mentioned
Somebody dies
          .....30 second side plank each side

Someone uses a Farnsworth or a Tesla
          .....20 oblique/side crunches each side

Myka makes a book reference
Pete makes a movie or TV or pop culture reference
          .....20 Russian twists

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